Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Yvonne and Tom Phelan: 1st Life – Real Estate Agents, 2nd Life – Vineyard Estate Owners

Wife and husband team bought the vineyard in Argentina.  And you can too! 

Yvonne Phelan was ready for her second life in her mid-sixties.  She and her husband had always dreamed of running their own vineyard.  But by the time the San Fernando Valley couple started looking around nearby, they were priced out of the market.  They needed to make some income off this land.  With Yvonne’s Spanish language expertise and realty experience, they wound up in Argentina purchasing a 108-acre vineyard for what a half-acre would have cost them back home.   

Yvonne and Tom will be the first to admit that their previous wine knowledge was knowing how to consume it!  It took a few years but not only have they had some bountiful harvests, they recently sold their Chardonnay grapes to Mumms for its famous champagne.  Their success spread so far that they now have a second business helping other Americans purchase their own vineyards….only proving that second businesses and second lives are both doable and affordable.