Monday, July 13, 2015

Dr. Francine Kaufman: 1st Life - Doctor-Children, Tech articles; 2nd Life - Caregiver-Elderly, Fiction

Read how a geriatric patient gave this pediatrician a second life experience.
Francine Kaufman will always be a doctor.  As a pediatric endocrinologist and researcher in Los Angeles, she is well-known for her work with children's diabetes and obesity.  Francine has authored copious articles and nonfiction books, received many honors, held several prestigious positions and owns a few patents all aimed at fighting this epidemic.

But it wasn't until Francine took on the role as caregiver for her ailing mother that she was able to view medicine and life from a completely different perspective.  This had such an impact that she was motivated to write her successful novel, Rhythms, a family drama that recognizes the ever increasing number of adult children currently taking care of their elderly parents.

Whether Francine continues to pursue this dramatic writing style shift remains to be seen.  In the meantime she has taken on the role of Diabetes’ Chief Medical Officer and VP of Global, Clinical, and Health Affairs for Medtronic.  Francine's reach and research have advanced to now include development of a universal artificial pancreas.  But there's nothing artificial about her continuing dedication and devotion to helping families keep healthy everywhere.  That's the real thing.   


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