Monday, January 7, 2013

Maryl got: Arm Candy in her Stocking

Actually I got two bracelets in my stocking this year and another as a gift from Caryl (along with a leopard tunic to match). I have always liked receiving jewelry for Christmas and my husband has nicely obliged over the years. Specifically rings were my real delight, and he took several practice runs before the actual engagement ring showed up one Christmas morn. But something's happened with my penchant for rings. 

And it has nothing to do with my gift giver or the current price of precious metals. It has all to do with my hands. I remember my mother announcing she would no longer wear rings because of how her hands were aging and now I’m there. I seemed to have inherited osteoarthritis from her as witnessed by a few knobby knuckles and a pinkie that has decided to go off in its own direction. My hands are not heavily dotted with brown spots or creased with wrinkles but the veins and tendons have become more prominent.

Hand Lifts

Even Madonna took a hit recently. Her hands were photographed as she was leaving her gym and the picture created a buzz on the internet. We don’t have that problem but hands are now recognized as the real age giveaway. We can spend all we want on our face and hair but a quick glance at one’s hands tells it all. Hand lifts have become the more popular treatment with plastic surgeons and dermatologists. These can involve fillers, lasers, peels and/or minor surgery to smooth out the tops of hands and lighten age spots. If you can believe the before and after photos below of this stitchless procedure that removes the bulging veins, it is tempting.

Bracelets can defy age

This is all to explain why I’ve shied away from rings. Necklaces are fairly safe as long as we keep their focal point away from the neck. Earrings are still fun to wear but earlobes that typically stretch, crease and thin--even tear-- are another sure telltale sign of age. Which brings me back to bracelets. Yes, the bracelet which is typically worn on the wrists – sometimes the upper arms and even ankles (but I'm not going near my feet!) – is in close proximity to the hand but moves between wrist and mid-forearm. That movement and the noise they make I believe is what catches attention, especially since the fashion right now is to pile a complement of bracelets on your arm…both arms.

The proper style of bracelet is closely related to the type of sleeve worn. So I learned from fellow blogger Deb Chase in her guidebook to accessories titled “Terms of Adornment”. “Sleeveless, strapless, and short-sleeved blouses focus more attention on a bracelet,” she writes.  A cuff bracelet balances a long bare arm and can be bold and dramatic.  where a few skinnier ones slipping in and out of a long sleeved garment can be more subtle yet elegant and intriguing. 

So lately I’ve been rummaging through my jewelry boxes and playing with different combinations of bracelets, some of which I haven’t worn in decades. They provide a bit of a history of my life, some souvenirs from past vacations and may unto themselves divulge my age but they do catch attention and they’re fun. Share your favorite bracelet(s) ideas with us here. Better yet post a photo on our Facebook page. Charm, bangle, cuff, link, wrap....see some of my favorites below.


  1. Its funny, without really thinking about it much, I have been much more into bracelets of late too. I actually covet a beaded leather number like you have pictured above. My favorite bracelet is a silver cuff that my mom gave me. I'll post a photo of it on FB.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Judith, Thank you for posting your silver cuff on Facebook and for sharing the sentiment. I have a picture of you and your mother shopping for it. Continue to enjoy it.

  2. I am definitely a bracelet person. I have Fred Flintstone hands (and feet)!

    1. Do you have favorites that you wear constantly or do you mix them up? Let's not talk about my feet although I already did in an earlier post! Thanks.