Monday, May 12, 2014

Grace Becker: 1st Life – Mother of Twelve, 2nd Life – Mompreneur

Baker's Dozen

Yes, Grace Becker and her husband have a dozen kids.  And yes that explains why being a stay-at-home mom was an easy decision for her.  But eventually that was also the impetus for Grace wanting to contribute to the family income.  It can be challenging parenting twelve children on one salary. 

It started with cinnamon buns, the ones Grace loved to bake for church buffets and school rallies.  Then she came up with a way where both her family and the non-profit could benefit and the idea for Dough Raising Mom was spawn.  Grace motivates and helps other mothers establish commercial kitchens in their homes.  Baker’s dozen or Becker’s dozen, this way Grace remains at the center of both.

Learn more about how Grace put her business together at 48 Days.  Mompreneurs, business women who are also mothers, are on the rise although the term has turned controversial. Mother’s Day became a 100-year-old tradition this month; mothers have long worked in and now also out of their homes.

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