Friday, July 11, 2014

Jennifer Cheyne: 1st Life – California Daydreamer, 2nd Life – French College Student

Jennifer proves it's never too late to follow your dreams.

View from Jennifer's Paris apartment
Jennifer Cheyne graduated from UC Berkeley at the age of 51.  There she also learned to speak French fluently enough to move to France for a few months on a writing assignment and to fulfill a lifelong dream to live as a Parisian.  Along the way Jennifer also learned that achieving perfection is overrated as long as you maintain your grace and a sense of humor.  Despite being late for too many classes, habitually behind in her reading and guilty of handing in unedited papers, she wound up with a double major in Psychology and French, a minor in creative writing, a 3.47 GPA and twice as many credits as were required to graduate.   

Back in the USA, Jennifer is now starting her Masters degree and an internship, focused on supporting her son in college and establishing her own career path.  Guess all that daydreaming paid off after all.

You can read more about how Jennifer took this leap of life and follow her on her blog, No More Wishful Thinking (you got to love that title).  She also writes for Womens’ Voices For Change.

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