Sunday, November 2, 2014

Marla Wynne: 1st Life – Entertainment Executive, 2nd Life – Fashion Designer

What do Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Walt Disney and Marla Wynne have in common?

What do Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Walt Disney and Marla Wynne have in common?  They all started their businesses out of their garages.  Marla had been enjoying her career as a successful, globetrotting television producer (remember La Femme Nikita and Highlander?)  But a writers’ strike and the economic downturn in 2007 and 2008 respectfully changed all that.  She was starting to feel the burnout anyway and the need for a second act.  Marla had
never sewn a stitch in her life but spirited by her ten years of working in Paris and her own frustration of trying to buy clothes 
for her no longer svelte body, she bought a sewing machine and starting creating comfortable yet elegant clothes for the midlife woman.  The Marla Wynne Collection was born.  Through lots of ups and downs, moves to Canada and then New York, losing control of her company and then buying it back, Marla ignored the snags and kept looking forward. She’s now one of the fastest growing brands on the Home Shopping Channel and QVC and has been featured just about everywhere.  Hm, kind of makes you look at that appendage to your house a little differently.  Go ahead, leave your car on the street!


  1. Good for her. Very nice collection.

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