Friday, January 30, 2015

Amy Eddings: 1st Life – Local Public Radio Host, 2nd Life – "not sure, just going for it"

1st Life – New York City (8.4M people); 2nd Life – Ada, Ohio (5,823 people, soon 5,825 counting Amy and her husband)

Amy Eddings is the host of “All Things Considered” at my local NPR station…. at least until this weekend.  That’s when she and her husband Mark leave their jobs and their Brooklyn home for a very small town in Ohio close to where Amy grew up.  I met Amy
for the first time at an event this past fall and she couldn’t stop talking about her upcoming move and this charming Victorian house she and Mark had been eying for years when they went to visit family.  Amy came to New York to make it big and now she’s returning to Ohio to make it small.  She had a couple of those wake-up moments that can jolt you out of your complacency.  You can read about them on her latest blog, Journey to Easter House, the nickname for her new pastel-hued home. 
(Amy also authors the IHateTennis website, even though she really doesn't – hate tennis that is.)  She promises to write about reinvention as she goes through her own.  We’re so pleased to have another second lifer give her spin on the subject and to be able to experience this transformation with Amy.  Amy Eddings is signing off but not out.  Stay tuned!        


  1. It's fascinating to see how we seek to reintroduce a certain quality and focus into our lives - some of us - by going (seemingly) smaller. So many possibilities...

  2. There are so many 2nd life possibilities. Definitely not the time to sit back and vegetate!