Sunday, March 15, 2015

Leigh Hometh: 1st Life – Publishing, 2nd Life – Home Renovations (scratch that), Women’s Fitness Franchise

Leigh got in shape and now owns the place!

Leigh Hometh had a successful career as a publishing executive. But she hated seeing the stately old homes in her suburb outside Boston being demolished by developers. So she started buying, renovating and flipping them until the housing bubble hit. Add to that several family crises and it’s no wonder Leigh found herself stressed out and 50 pounds overweight. That’s when she joined a local workout studio, Get In Shape For Women, a franchise that offers novel and effective health and exercise programs. Instead of starting another business, Leigh decided a way for her to give back was to personally help other women feel healthier about themselves. She now owns two Get In Shape For Women franchises where she works with mostly professional women over 40. Leigh offers them three key tips that we can all benefit from:

                1) Log your meals
                2) Embrace your craving, but don't give in to it
                3) Keep moving

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