Sunday, January 1, 2017

Erica Abeel: 1st Life - Dancer, 2nd Life - Novelist (of rebel women)

Still a rebel after all these years.

Erica Abeel started out as a dance major at Sarah Lawrence College and went onto to work with the great Martha Graham.  But Sarah Lawrence has always been known for it creative writing curriculum so it's perhaps no surprise Erica has wound up writing novels.  She lived in Paris during the Beat Generation imbuing her with a sense of rebellion that she frequently ascribes to her female characters in her six novels.  

Erica returned to Manhattan where she taught French literature and film and started her second life as a journalist and writer.  Her most recent book, titled "Wild Girls", revolves around three college friends from the 50's who defied the norms to help set a new social conscience in motion.   Any biographical resemblance these characters have with the author may - may not - be purely coincidental.


  1. Erica Abeel was my French teacher during my freshman year at Barnard. How nice to see her face again and learn what she's been up to! I'm going to suggest her new book, Wild Girls, for our book club

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