Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maryl writes: Free Time

I viewed two movies over the weekend in two different settings … in an art gallery and the other “Playing in Theaters Now” on cable at home.  I’m comparing films again; I can’t help myself.  These both had to do with time and they really got me thinking.  Time has such a different level of importance in one’s second life.  Not one of urgency but of freedom.  

Freedom and liberation came to mind while watching “The Time That Remains,” the cable film.  Its title might seem to have some affinity with this blog’s sub-title but not really.  The film is autobiographical about a Palestinian family spanning the creation of the Israeli state to present.  I’m not a film critic or a political pundit.  I was just taken with the director’s skill and manner of conveying the passage of time, one with wit and irony.  But I felt the restraints on one’s time when one’s independence is threatened day to day.  What a luxury it is to be able to have a second life when all the other critical life’s needs have been met.

The art film was Christian Marclay’s “The Clock,” a 24-hour long piece that marks each minute of the day with a different film clip of a scene taking place at that exact same minute.  Clever premise but even more so clever editing.   This montage pulled together scenes from various decades, situations and film genres and somehow they flowed together rather smoothly.  It was impressive the vast display of what people are free to do with their time……limitless and inspiring. 

How do you manage your time? 
     1)       Leave time for movies.  Learn more about  
          “The Time That Remains” and “The Clock.” 
     2)      More on Time Management!
     3)      And then there’s managing your Free Time.

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