Friday, March 30, 2012

Maryl models: Her Miracle Dress

Maryl wearing Celeb Boutique "Miracle Dress"

You may recall last month I blogged about the pluses of Stella McCartney’s Miracle Dress (a.k.a. the Octavia dress). Due to its unique fiber and optical illusion design, it can compress excess body fat and smooth out curves before your very eyes. The only minus is the $1600 price tag. The knock-off I ordered from Celeb Boutique (CB) at 1/10 the cost finally arrived after being on back order all this time. 

Here’s my up-close and personal assessment based on three criteria and scoring of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest): 
Kate Winslet wearing Stella cCartney
"Miracle Dress"
1) Fabric: 3
Both dresses are made of synthetic fabric but the original has a softer and more substantial feel to it.
2) Body shaping: 2
There’s no miracle fiber with the CB copy. (The good news is that a Spanx body shaper can take up the slack and is much cheaper than the price differential between the McCartney and CB dresses.)
3) Design: 5
The dress looks the same complete with the bust and side seamlines. 

And I’ll give it another 5 for just being fun to wear. So what do you think?  I'm no Kate Winslet but miracle or not?


  1. Awesome! You look better than Kate-seriously.

    1. You are too kind. Sorry I missed you and Jamie this trip. Next time for sure.

  2. Looks ab fab. Just curious to know what US size you usually wear and what size you ordered from CB? Does it run true to size?

    1. I usually wear a size 6 but with a form fitting dress like this I might go with an 8. I ordered this dress in a Medium, which the CB size chart indicated was a US size 6-8. Perfect. And I am pleased with the fit. Let us know how you make out and maybe send a picture. BTW, CB appears to be a UK company but they ship out of China. Shipping is free to US and they take returns. And thanks!

  3. Hi Maryl: You look fabulous! I might just have to order this. What do you think, suitable for a vixen divorcee?

  4. Oh Georgia, how could you even ask? This dress was made for you. Put your order in immediately before they do on back order again! Thanks.

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