Sunday, March 11, 2012

The polls are closed. Your votes are counted.

And the real winners are the 9% of us who have no problems sleeping at night with the 25% who aren’t worried about going gray. We’re referring to the two polls* conducted on this site for the past few months that asked “What’s your biggest sleep problem?” and “At what age will you let your hair go gray?”

No wonder we’re so tired. Over half (58%) of us wake up in the middle of the night. Add to that another fifth (19%) who can’t fall asleep at all and can probably identify every plot of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” within the first three seconds. That makes three-quarters that are tossing and turning and wondering how they’ll get through the next day without yawning nonstop. Finally there’s the 16% who give up and take the little pink (or white) pill and wonder if someday they will ever be like the 9% that sleep throughout the night.

Is going gray keeping us up at night? The 29% who agree to put bottle to head said loud and clear that they will never go gray. Nearly half will let nature take its course but on their time table: some 7% are okay with being gray after 50, 17% after 60 and 21% after 70. A quarter take the laissez faire path…..whenever it happens. Bet you natural beauties overlap with the ones that sleep like a baby.

highly unscientific, randomly selected, on-to-something results.
    The least takeaway being we think about sleep and hair.

Now look to the right for the next burning question: How much makeup do you usually wear?


  1. i sleep through the night nicely after taking a little blue OTC IbuprofinPM and I've gone back and forth on the gray issue. I'm lucky in that my gray (silver, please!) is at my temples and a forelock only. These days I'm natural, and I can't imagine changing that. Too much trouble with the upkeep of color.

  2. Finally at 3am last night I took half of an Ambien. Naturally I got a late start this morning...not good. I'd love to go back on HRT but can't do that. My doctor has suggested antidepressants and tranquilizers but I'm just not a good pill taker. Last visit he told me to just go for the Benedryl, which is the PM in your Ibuprofin. It'll help my sinus congestion too.