Monday, November 2, 2015

Theresa May O'Brien: 1st Life - Watercolorist, USA; 2nd Life - Feltmaker, Turkey

Theresa surrounded by her felts.  Happy as a lamb!

Theresa May-O'Brien has been making art since her childhood in The Berkshires of Massachusetts. Later while raising a family on a small farm in New York state, she became a noted watercolorist inspired by her rural environment.  But then Theresa discovered fiber arts and learned how to paint her landscapes using different colored felts.  

Inside Ikonium Studios                                                                     Recently dyed wool drying outside
Around that same time she met UNESCO designated artist Mehmet GirgiƧ at an exhibition in the U.S. and that marked the beginning of their feltmaking partnership and - I suppose you could say -courtship.  I just visited their studio in Istanbul where they give felting classes and sell the most unique and beautiful rugs and clothing items.  New art form, new husband, new country.  Now that's a second life!

Mehmet Girgic & Theresa

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