Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2nd Look: Mia Farrow

                  Rosemary's Baby, 1968                                        Dark Horse, 2012                                    
Who could forget her performance in Rosemary’s Baby? Mia Farrow won the Golden Globe for new star of the year in l968 for portraying with heart and terror every pregnant woman’s nightmare: she was indeed carrying the demon child, Satan’s baby. This month she’s back on the screen in Todd Solondz’s Dark Horse, playing every modern mother’s deepest fear: her 35 year old son in the film is still living at home in his action-figure-filled childhood bedroom.

In her second life and perhaps most important role,

Farrow is the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to Darfur, Chad and the Central African Republic where she campaigns for children’s and refugees’ rights. She has also worked tirelessly to help eradicate polio, a disease she suffered in her youth. She is currently single, having been married twice, once to Frank Sinatra and once to Andre Previn as well as a decades-long relationship with Woody Allen. She has 13 children, at least one of whom is following in her footsteps. Rowan Farrow, her only biological child by Allen, is a human rights activist, currently working for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on global youth issues. Both mother and son are also sharp-tongued tweeters as evidenced this past Father’s Day.


  1. I love Mia, she's someone who has always stood out to me. Not only is she a wonderful actress but volunteers for so many wonderful causes. Someone we can all aspire to be.

    Thank you Mary Lou and Carry for sharing this with us.


    1. Thanks, Adrienne, for you comment. Mia has also been an inspiration to me.
      She has always marched to her own drummer. And I do think that she had
      found in her second life an occupation that truly gives back to the world--and herself.. I also like that she continues her first life love of acting but only if it jumpstarts her intellect and feeds her soul. She is a woman of her own making!