Monday, February 21, 2011

Maryl writes: And All That Jazz

Found myself at a jazz club the other night.  It’s not my usual form of musical entertainment but it is for a number of my friends and I like to explore different genres from time to time.  My one friend books the group that was performing that night at the Miles Café.  This wasn’t the type of jazz venue  you would typically imagine but a plain room with a stage and a makeshift bar seven floors up in a highrise building….although this may be becoming more typical.  That’s part of the purity of music and jazz in particular…..the music’s more important than the lighting and staging and other accoutrements.

Besides my friends I sat next to a woman who was an avid jazz fan, so much so that she has her own blog called Living Jazz.  She doesn’t work in the music industry but she gets to a few performances each month and writes about them or her interviews with various jazz musicians.  I believe her day job was in a bank if I’m not mistaken.  I asked her if she had monetized her blog but she said not yet as she was just starting out.   But I could see a second life forming.  Not sure she could but it was clear to me that this was her passion. 

Of course blogs are part of a lot of first lives too.  First or second, they stem from some joy or rapture derived from something pleasurable and fulfilling and with which the writer has some expertise or deep interest.   That sums up why I write each week.   I’m not a jazz expert for sure but I do feel that I’m committed to and becoming more knowledgeable on defining what a Second Life is and how to effect one.  How about you?

Any comments on defining a second life?  Some other takeaways…
     1)  If you are a jazz buff, check the Miles Café in New York 
          City.  Check out clubs in other cities too.
     2)      Link to the jazz blog in mention:  Living Jazz.
     3)      Want to learn how to monetize your blog?  Click here.

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