Monday, March 5, 2012

Caryl takes: A second look at Second Look

You've come a long way,  Ms. Ireland
When we started Second Lives Club 15 months ago, we had many goals, not least the desire to destigmatize aging. We also wanted to celebrate how women continually reinterpret themselves throughout their lives. The intersection of those ambitions is Second Look where we feature women whose beauty comes from living a confident life. Sometimes our subjects have been in the public eye early in their lives when their physical attributes outshone their accomplishments. When you take a Second Look at these women now, there is more integration of who they are with how they look. They’ve honed their game; they have built on their former experiences; their lives—not just their looks—are why we admire them. And, of course, their staying power.  As we say
in the tag line (and I've said before): Second Look reveals "The beauty of a confident life."
Maryl and I will continue to take a Second Look whenever it is timely—or catches our fancy. Sometimes it will appear on the left side and be a single, contemporary photograph of the subject. (But we want to make sure you know to click on the current picture to see the subject’s earlier self. Give Penelope Tree a try right now if you haven’t already done so.) Other times like today, a Second Look may warrant a center post with "then and now" photos side by side. You may have forgotten that Kathy Ireland in her first life was a model and three times the “cover girl” of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue. But did you know now she's a highly successful entrepreneur? Today, at 48, Ireland is the CEO of Kathy Ireland Worldwide, a company that sells $2 billion annually in merchandising, mostly home furnishings and barely a swimsuit, outpacing Martha Stewart (another former model). The mother of three children, Ireland earns between $350 to $400 million annually from a brand that is predicated on “finding solutions for families, especially for busy moms.” She aptly depicts the beauty, brains--and confidence--it takes to continue to move forward in life.  A Second Look is more than just another pretty face.

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  1. Dear Carol Beth, Carrie, Caryl, This is a blast from the past - Denise Mulcrone O'Connor, your childhood friend, writing to tell you I am enjoying your blog!!! I have read many of your articles over the years and just wanted to tell you how much I have admired your writing. I especially liked your editor's column in Real Simple and was sorry when you left that magazine. I look forward to reading your upcoming book.

    1. Wow, Denise, I just found this comment today--almost 18 months later. I usually look forward,
      not back. Ha. But glad I did this time. Thanks for the kind words. I hope your life is going well. Send details. I used to hear about you from our moms but those messengers have left the