Saturday, September 29, 2012

Everyday Eva: 5 Simple Rules to Look Your Best

Eva Scrivo on Beauty
Wow, what a week! And it’s not over yet but we did want to stop and review what we’ve learned from Eva so far with her five Golden Rules on a 2:30 minute video. Some sound fairly basic but more essential when coming from her. Others I know Caryl and I just hadn’t thought of. Of course they are all in her book and much more and in practice everyday at her salons.  Which takes us to Second Lives Club's first online giveaway.  See below.

GIVEAWAY EXTENDED to Monday, October 8.  Keep the great Beauty Tips and comments coming!

Comment below and let us know what you thought were the most helpful Golden Rules or better yet leave us your own beauty tip that has made a difference in your appearance.  One of you will then be  randomly selected to receive a copy of Eva's book either in print or for your Kindle (the Kindle version comes with a video). And, if we hit 300 "likes" by next Friday, we will give two books away (so if you haven't "liked" us yet, please do now. It will increase your chances to be a winner.)  The winner will be announced October 5  here on our blog site.  And we haven't heard the last from Eva.  Another surprise next week.... find out what woman headed for a second life could be a "bombshell", according to Eva, with the right cut and color.  Trust us you know who she is
but you have never thought of her quite that way!


  1. Difficult decision between 2 and 5 but I think I will go for 2 as hopefully I am doing 5 already. I did not know about the trick of putting lighter foundation in strategy places on the face to reflect the light. I will try it. A good tip I find is to use eyelash curlers (shuemura are the best) Makes eyelashes seem longer and opens the eyes.

  2. Number five, hands down!

    What has worked for my skin is actually to leave it alone. Stopped the Retin-A (too harsh), the Clarisonic, all of the abrasive stuff. Just eye cream, a salicylate acid gel on my chin (only vaguely problem area left), and a light weight Clinique moisturizer. I think I was irritating it far too much. I don't even need foundation now.

  3. #3...I've been powdering my whole face! Who knew.

  4. I agree with #3. I have just been using a kabuki brush to powder all over, I never thought to only do parts.

  5. I really like and agree with #5 the most, because it speaks to the importance of inner beauty. As it happens, I've been working on my posture -- I feel so much more attractive when I stand straight and because I am holding my head higher, I think it *might* help with the neck sag. #5 speaks to exuding an inner glow and also highlights inner and outer health.

    I found both #1 and #4 to be brilliant ideas: highlighting just around the hairline and that hair looks most natural when it's not all one color. I absolutely love the edginess of having a little surprise in the hair color. Our friend Ronnie Citron-Fink posted this on Pinterest -- it's crazy, but if I was a smooth brunette, I'd go for it!

    I do have one more personal and rather serious thing to say about the issue of going grey. Maybe it doesn't bother me so much because I work from home and am not on the dating scene. But, because my mom died of breast cancer before she had a chance to go grey and because I also had it at the rather young age of 39, those grey hairs feel like a victory. I'm actually going to get old!

    Thank you Eva, Maryl, and Caryl.

    1. Gray hair can be beautiful--and your reason for embracing it, is beautiful too. I read your piece on you mother (it had to do with pottery as well) and was very moved.

      And, like you, I embrace Eva's fifth rule--partly because my own mother insisted I stand up straight and
      also because I believe beauty is energy. Despite all these posts on hair and makeup, I spend very little time thinking about or doing my make up and hair. I always tell Eva to cut my
      hair so it look good when I wake up but I believe, as she said, that hair color is permanent cosmetic.

      When I think of people who make a favorable impression on me it is seldom about their looks alone (although I might appreciate their style) but their energy--that has a lasting effect~

  6. That "stand up straighter" rule?

    Huge! (No pun intended.) We feel better, we breathe better, we project when speaking more easily, we're energized and give off energy and yes... we look better, too.

  7. Great "grace notes" for our mature days! I practice #2 by using the YSL Touch Eclat - really makes me look awake, even on the darkest winter days. However, I do believe that #5 makes the strongest impression of vitality and youthful-thinking. A confident, head-up walk and stance will always be attractive and beautiful, just as Mom always told us!

  8. #3 never occurred to me. I have been powdering my entire face for years! I'm going to give it a try tomorrow. A beauty tip that is meaningful to me is to shape and fill my brows. I never paid attention to them until about 15 years ago a make-up artist at a MAC store did my brows and I was blown away by the difference it made in the entire appearance of my face! I have been doing it every day since then- even if it is the only makeup I have on. Thank you for sharing Eva's tips.

  9. Definitely #3 - I've been applying powder to my whole face and it does tend to look a little dry. Good advice - I will cut down on the amount of powder and see what happens!

  10. Definitely #3 - I've been applying powder to my whole face and it does tend to look a little dry. Good advice - I will cut down on the amount of powder and see what happens!

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