Monday, October 8, 2012

Who Has Winning Hair? And, who won our giveaway?

Let's be honest--the stars are nothing like us. Neither are political spouses or even politicians for that matter. Not even newscasters. Most of the women in the limelight have professional advice when it comes to how they look, especially their hair. Still sometimes a new set of eyes can improve on what others might have missed. We asked Eva Scrivo to look at Nine Public Faces who range in age from mid-fifties to over 70 to offer her advice on their hairstyles. (You remember Eva Scrivo from Everyday Eva: the five posts we ran here packed with useful tips, sound advice, and how-to lessons customized for women our age?)

She agreed with us that they all look great but Eva suggested ways they could look even better. What actress did Eva urge to keep her roots dark--and why? What grey-haired artist did she say needed a younger, choppier haircut? (She didn't recommend changing the color, by the way.) Who did she suggest to let their hair go even longer as she approaches 60? And was it a Republican or a Democrat who got Eva's vote for best hair? Finally, who does Eva think could be a real "bombshell" in the next stage of her life? Don't forget to see who the lucky commenter is at the end who has won Eva's book with all the DIY information she needs to rethink her own hair. 

Diane Sawyer: The Platinum Blonde with the Right Make-up

Diane Sawyer is actually a rule breaker! Her platinum blonde is light enough to provide the right amount of contrast against her skin tone. Her hair color does not wash her out because she wears enough makeup/bronzer/blush to warm the complexion providing enough color to balance the lack of color in her hair. She is gorgeous, another winner!

Sigourney Weaver: Add Modern Cut and More Length to a Great Red Color


Sigourney- what a great redhead! I love the fact she has maintained a rich, beautiful hair color and not succumbed to some mid-range red tone. What I would suggest is a more modern hair cut. Creating a stronger shape with a bit more layering and movement would really take her look to a new level. Growing out the length by 1-2 inches adds a bit of softness and sensuality to her strong features.

Helen Mirren: Gray Hair Can Be Sexier With a Different Cut 

Helen Mirren is one of my favorite actresses. She has a beautiful figure and great style. I would love to add more depth to her hair color by deepening the root shade and add some low lights and a few brighter pieces around her face. I can also see a more youthful haircut on her as well, perhaps a bit more choppy and un-done. I feel Helen is a true artist and she could express that individuality even more.

Michele Obama: Length, Layers and Style--She Couldn't Look Better

Michelle Obamas's hair! Great length for her, beautiful layers, nice styling. Think she is a winner.

Ann Romney: A Shape-Shifting Cut and Modern Blow Out Add  Would to Already Pretty Woman


Ann Romney is a very pretty woman. Would love to cut her hair, adding more shape to the sides and give her a more modern blowout. Smoother, straighter ends would give her a fresh new look. She is a beautiful blond, but a few lowlights would add some shine to the hair and complement a good haircut.

Meryl Streep: Darker Roots Keep Her From Looking Washed Out

I generally think Meryl looks great. Especially when her base color is a little richer and the over all is more golden, as it is in this photo. The risk for blondes over 60 is looking washed out, as the skin loses some of it natural color and the skin and hair seem to blend and become one tone. The secret is maintain a root color 1-2 shades darker that your highlights (single process alone won't cut it ladies, only cuts the price and makes you look older). So splurge on highlights and low lights, at least twice a year, for the much needed dimension and a much younger looking you.

Jane Fonda: Keep It Short but A Little Longer--and Lose the Flip

Jane Fonda, let's face it, "feel the burn" really paid off! She looks great! I might suggest she grow her hair a little longer, since her skin looks beautiful I think it would be sexier on her. Hair at this length and styled with a flip reminds me of some of the first Rachel Welsh wigs made in the early 90's. Would love to get my hands on her.

Katie Couric: Her Hair Looks Better Now Than 2O Years Ago

After being on her show last week as a guest and transforming three different women for the Hair Show, you can trust my opinion that Katie Couric looks fabulous! (actually better than she did in her 30's!) She is fit, has great energy and is in the prime of her life.

Hillary Clinton: Layers, Height and Shape Are Needed For Long Hair

I've always thought Hillary was a beautiful woman. She has great bone structure, healthy hair and bright blue eyes. I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Clinton as our First Lady and was immediately impressed with her sense of strength and her genuine warmth in person. If I had her in my chair today I would color her a brighter blonde, by adding just a few hand painted pieces of light around her face, using the balayage technique and warm her base color. Her over all hair color is a bit ash for her complexion. As for her cut, its apparent that she wants to wear her hair long and this is a prime example that layers, height and shape are imperative if want to grow your hair. It should be no longer than her clavical bone (when hair hits the shoulders it can pyramid out, making the face look wider), triangular layers to remove bulk at the bottom and add lift to the top of the head. I have faith with the right stylist/colorist Hillary could be a bombshell.

Thanks to all of you that commented on our week of Everyday
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  1. Eva's suggestions all seem perfect ! I sure wish Eva could get her hands on my hair. I've tried instructing my stylist, but she's just not getting it.

  2. From this, I just learned exactly what I need to ask for, next time I'm in that chair for a cut. Thank you!