Friday, April 26, 2013

SLLinky: Mothers & Daughters & Birthdays. Oh My!

Caryl and Maryl troll the net for the best Second Life Links this week.

Who says there aren't roles for older women? 

Gisele Casadesus won’t be 99 until June 14 but the French actress who's been working for more than seven decades  stars in the just-released French film Sous Le Figuier (Under the Fig Tree).  Her co-star is Ann Consigney  (The Diving Bell and The Butterfly) but she's a mere 50. The two women discussed life, death--and the movie—in the March/April issue of Femme Majuscule:  '"De regarder devant, vers le soleil! Les regrets ne servent a rien." ("To look ahead towards the sun, regrets do not help anything.") Of course, we only know what they're saying because one of our favorite bloggers translated it for us. Josephine Lalwin has been blogging from London and St. Tropez since 2009. Her aim is to “inspire women of all ages to have fun with fashion and to create a chic lifestyle”.  Check out the amazing photograph of Casadesus and Consigny at Chic At Any Age.

Zodiac Birthday Shoes

We really want these even if we can’t afford them. London designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal has come up with stylish flats decorated with each sign of the zodiac. You can buy them for yourself—or put them on your future birthday list. Each pair comes with a book about your astrological sign.

John Waters

Salty Sayings from John Waters

Movie director, writer and all-around raconteur John Waters turned 67 on April 22. The man who made Hairspray 25 years ago is always quotable--and frequently bleepable. Flavorwire put together 67 memorable remarks to honor his natal anniversary. Here’s one on the subject of style that’s rated PG: “I always say to kids, with fashion, that they shouldn’t be wearing designer clothing — they should copy it. Go to the thrift shop and buy the worst thing that the coolest kid in school would never wear. It’ll be the thing that’s the most ‘out.’ Buy it and turn it into something that’s funny and witty. Fashion is confidence. If you can get away with wearing it, it’s a new style.” 

Meet the Matriarch, Barbara Bush: 

From left to right:Barbara Bush,  daughter-in-law Laura Bush and granddaughters  Jenna Hager, and Barbara Bush

Caryl interviewed Barbara Bush when her husband ("41") was president  and the White House had just turned 200 in 1986 for a special issue of Life Magazine celebrating the Bicentennial. The former First Lady spoke her mind even then. This week she and family members joined "43" for the opening of his presidential library in Dallas, Texas. Hear what the matriarch had to say about the family dynasty. And, say hello to the fourth generation of Bush women-- Margaret Laura Hager (Mila) born April 13, 2013.

Happy Milestone Birthday: One Hundred Years Young!

The beautiful woman on the left is the birthday girl.  The beautiful woman on the right is her daughter and Second Lives Club member.  Her advice for throwing a centenarian's birthday party:  "You can't go wrong 
with a sing-along banjo player."


  1. Thank you so much for the mention and the link. I love the way you champion us more mature vibrant women. The shoes are cute too.

    1. Our pleasure. We always look to your site for tips and hints on what to wear and how to live from the
      other other side of the pond. And we love your haircut!

  2. I love the shoes.

    The video of the Bush women got me thinking about the movie "W". Did Babs mean Jeb was the most qualified of her sons or in the Party? Hmm.

    I want to hear about the 100th birthday. I think Mom is going to show 100 as the new 70!

    Thanks again, fabulous women.

    Cathy Chester

    1. Hey Cathy, Good to hear from you. I think that the ever tactical Bab meant Jeb was the most qualified of
      anyone suggested for 2016 presidential contest. (Take that, Hillary Clinton.) But we know that this
      century belongs to the women, and one of us will hold the highest office in the land in our lifetime.
      And speaking of the century, did you see we've added last weekend's party girl still going strong after
      five decades?

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