Sunday, February 2, 2014

Patty Marks: 1st Life – Business Administrator, 2nd Life – Erotica Publisher

Patty Marks, CEO Ellora's Cave Publishing with male models

Patty Marks wasn’t necessarily looking for a life change. And becoming a mommy-porn publisher doesn’t necessarily come to mind when deciding one’s second life either. But Patty’s daughter Tina Engler, a single mother on welfare, couldn’t get her sex and romance novels published. So Tina started her own ebook company, Ellora’s Cave, but didn’t have the business acumen or company experience that her mother had. That’s when Patty stepped in first to just help with some spreadsheets and then to take over as CEO and build a winning business model. That was over ten years ago and now Ellora’s Cave is making in the multi- millions. The things we’ll do for our children!

Read about Patty’s success with her second career in more detail at Publisher's Weekly.  She also just got a mention in More magazine's current issue on reinvention.  For those that are just a little bit curious, you can check out Ellora’s Cave here.

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