Monday, March 31, 2014

Nan Dawkins: 1st Life – Big Data Entrepreneur | GAP Year | 2nd Life – (To come)

Nan Dawkins's Gap Year start in Australia

Nan Dawkins got to her aha moment a few different ways:  empty nest, failed business deal, terminally ill friend.  More important than what to do next was to stop what she had been doing for 25 years – marketing and digital media analytics.  And so Nan closed up her company, sold her house and all her possessions, kissed her children good-bye and took off with her husband to travel the world.  Yes, for real, and she did it.  The only list she still makes now is where she wants to 
cycle in 2014.  You can follow Nan on her blog; Eat, Sweat, Seek; as she pedals up and down hills or just sips the local wines.  I’m going to follow her to see where she winds up when her gap year or two is done.  Nan’s an example of how the road to finding your second life can be as much fun and excitement as the getting there.    

Nan has had a successful career and was known in her field.  She spoke at national search and social marketing conferences and wrote regularly for various web sites and publications.  Nan knows she'll need to return to some kind of gainful employment, but with all her interests, what that career move is is up for grabs!      

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  1. I am absolutely honored to be included among the incredible women featured on this site! We all need to believe that we deserve -- and can achieve -- a second life. Thanks for taking this on.