Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ellen Azorin: 1st Life - Advertising Creative Director, 2nd Life – Music Booking Agent

This woman can really move to the beat in more ways than one!

Ellen with Pedro Giraudo
Ellen Azorin grew up in a musical family; both her parents were musicians. It’s no wonder that music is a part of her being.  So after a successful career as a creative director and copywriter at a number of top ad agencies, she left to start her own music booking agency, Cantaloupe Music Productions, specializing in Brazilian and other latin music.  Ellen speaks fluent Portuguese, and travels regularly to Brazil.  She also works with top jazz musicians, and is Manager for the Pedro Giraudo Big Band.  Meanwhile, she continues to write but now on her own.  She has published a book of poetry, "Insight Out: sort-of poetry" and has entered the interactive field of website writing. There’s a lot of passion in this second life. Ellen's got both the rhythm and the beat just right.


  1. Hello - I like this progression in the music/dance world congratulations in what sounds like a very happy life. I am now wondering whether this blogsite has ever received my story from a few months back. I am an ex-Classical Ballet dancer who also performed Modern Theatre Dance. I have also worked in broadcasting part time and created many pieces of choreography. My last career was as the Artistic Director of a dance company. I am now in the world of Pilates and work as an instructor in Paris, France where I have lived for the last seven years. Moving to France was indeed a second life and my life has become much enriched with the addition of teaching The Pilates System of Exercises.

  2. One of the best persons I had the chance to meet in NYC.