Saturday, November 15, 2014

Judy Greenberg: 1st Life – Art Student and then Clothing Sales Rep, 2nd Life – Artist

What made Judy go back to her art after 30 plus year?  
Judy Greenberg earned Bachelor and Master degrees in art.  But soon after when she found herself married with two children, Judy happily took on the simultaneous roles of wife, mother and clothing business partner with her husband.  But it was the loss of their son Ben and his wish that she go back to her artwork that motivated
Judy to open up “paint tubes she hadn't touched in 30 years.”  She specializes in collages on nature and renewal and incorporates Ben’s passion for living in each of her works.   What she strives for mostly is to have you feel something different when you view her work.  Give it 


  1. Your art is so fantastic! This painting is so creative! I could really see this in my home i love all the background patterns it has a touch of whimsy, well done!