Sunday, January 18, 2015

Laura Reed: 1st Life – Optometrist, 2nd Life - Tattoo Makeup Artist

Dr. Laura Reed combined science with art for her second life.
Laura Reed always enjoyed art but it was her love of science that led her to a career as an optometrist.  And she was a good one too, winning professional awards and accepting numerous speaking engagements.   Despite all that success Laura started focusing on a
career change, one where she could be her own boss and incorporate her love of art.  It all came together for her during a personal permanent makeup application.  Laura trained, bought the required equipment and opened her business, ArtisticCosmetic Solutions, soon after in southern California.  A part of her business that she is particularly proud of is helping women reconstruct their breasts after cancer surgery. 

But that wasn’t enough of a second life change for Laura.   Her former career had her on the road a lot to the northwest.  She fell in love with the area and vowed to live in a Rocky Mountain state someday.  So Laura reopened her business in Idaho two years ago without losing a step or her vision.   A second life may seem like a stretch to some but just keeping your eye on the ball makes all the difference.  Just ask Laura.  

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