Saturday, January 8, 2011

Maryl writes: "Can We Talk?"

I don't want you to think I only blog about my reactions to films.  And I've seen a few fine films since my last blog so I myself don't quite get why I'm writing about "Joan Rivers:  A Piece of Work," which I saw last night on pay-per-view.  I suppose it's because Joan's on her second, third or fifth life.  I doubt she's counting; she just keeps going and going.  Besides comedy, Joan's done plays, films and jewely on QVC.  She takes almost every gig she's offered although she confessed that when they consider her, old age and plastic surgery are what they mostly see.  Of course, she continues to do the plastic surgery because her profession demands it.  Show business likes a pretty, young face!

Watching her last night, I wondered how she would have looked had she let herself age naturally?  Would she have been less funny or had less energy?  Somehow I don't think so.  But I don't fault her for those decisions.  You do what you think you have to do to keep yourself on top and not on the sideline.  Age is not the deterrent to starting a second life.  Guts and stamina are all you need.  In case you didn't know, Joan Rivers at 75 won the last Celebrity Apprentice competition that Donald Trump hosts.  She beat out a lot of other younger contestants because she was able to take on new challenges and meet them head on.  Something to be learned there.

1)  Watch “Joan Rivers:  A Piece of  Work,” available on 
     demand on cable and on DVD December 14. 
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