Saturday, January 8, 2011

Maryl writes: A Christmas Rose

I made a reacquaintance last weekend at a Christmas party.  She’s a beautiful woman, as beautiful as her name, Rose, and stunning in a form fitting metallic-lace dress that just skimmed her shoulders.  I note her physical appearance only because I don’t remember her seeming so confident and comfortable with herself before.  Maybe it was me but then I learned more. 

She had recently sold her successful real estate business after 25 years because she didn’t want to be doing it when she turned 60. She didn’t dislike her career but had gotten into it when she was a single mother and needed to make a living fast. So it was more out of necessity than by choice. And now her husband and one daughter are self-sufficient and another daughter almost there. What’s Rose doing now? Yoga, not just doing yoga, but studying it with a guru and she loves it and is happy. She wants to open a yoga studio in the same town she sold real estate in. Why not? She already has the local connections….kind of blending the old with the new.

I believe Rose has the financial means to make this rather drastic change but I somehow feel that if she didn’t, she would find a way to follow her new passion. Rose inspired me. I wanted to share this little merry story as we head into the holidays. I wish I could also share a picture of her in that knock-out dress but instead I’ll post something also beautiful.

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