Monday, June 20, 2011

Maryl writes: Discipline or Dishes?

I’m having a motivation problem. Starting your own business and working for yourself is a whole different discipline. Company employees have job descriptions, department objectives, specific deliverables and performance reviews. You typically work within a team made up of different skill sets so you never had to venture far from your own. Setting financial milestones with profit and loss statements just isn’t one of mine.
So I’ve been sitting in front of my computer on and off for the past few weeks faced with this task. I’ve tried methods for cracking procrastination, chunking the work, setting timeframes, making lists but the fact is that I’d rather be hand washing my dishes, weeding the neighbor’s garden or residing my house in aluminum than figuring out what it will cost to run my business for the first three years. I can’t stay focused long enough to make any noteworthy strides. Maybe this is what adult ADD feels like. On the other hand ADD sufferers are typically very creative and intuitive, which are two attributes I would use to describe my business.
Second life is all about self motivation and discovery and a new learning curve. So what I’ve learned is that I’m more mentally productive in the morning (as are 70% of all workers) when my mind and body are rested and life hasn’t yet interrupted your plans for the day. So I put my workouts off until the afternoons and dug in, did the reading, made my charts and little by little I’m seeing real progress. But if you do have any suggestions for handling difficult tasks that you’re not that deft at, please share them below and soon. I have to create an investor’s term sheet next and my oven needs some serious cleaning!  

   1) There’s so many books on procrastination but this simple
       title says it all, Focus, by Leo Babauta and I like the Zen 
   2) We can learn personal productivity from 
America’s most 
        productive CEO’s.
   3) Here’s some tips on oven and other household cleaners that
       won’t take you away from your work?

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