Monday, June 6, 2011

Maryl writes: Maria Shriver Needs a Second Life

Maria Shriver is looking for something new to do and she wants our help.  How will she get through her transition and onto her next life?  She doesn’t appear to want to return to broadcast journalism, maybe philanthropy, although she was seen lunching with Oprah Winfrey the day the news broke on her separation.  Hm, maybe a reality show version of “The Good Wife?”  The series could run for five seasons alone before running out of state and federal elected officials to feature.  And then there’s always France and Italy to fall back on.  No that’s too obvious and not Maria’s style, but she’s open.…at least that’s what she said on her YouTube video. 

The political wife thing was just a sidestep but a lot of women put themselves on hold while focusing on their families first.  Now it’s their turn.  Some can easily redefine their goals and move towards them effortlessly.  We can learn from them and from those of us on a more circuitous route.  There are books (check out a couple below) and there are self help and meetup groups, university continuing education courses, professional organizations.  We can reach out to friends and colleagues on our social networks; consider LinkedIn, FaceBook, YouTube, like Maria did, and eventually this web site.  Life coaches are also options for those that want a more private approach.    

Just working your network or your friend’s network can do the trick and help crystallize one’s passion and what your next move should be.  Defining a second life and taking those first steps is the most challenging and exciting phase.  I don’t think we have to worry about Ms. Shriver.  With her family and professional connections, she’s probably already on her way although it’s interesting and touching that she sought a larger and unknown audience for input.  I suppose that’s what we’re all doing too except I  already feel a familiar community that I can depend on building right here.

Some follow-up ideas:
   1) Check out Karen Baar’s book, “
For My Next Act.”
   2) The National Association of Baby Boomer Women has some
       supportive articles on “
How To Begin In A Transition.”
   3) Also consider Mary Catherine Bateson’s book,
Composing a Further Life.”
   4) Help Maria Shriver with her transition. Send her your
       comments on
   5) Look into
She Creates Change, a company that educates  
       and inspires women to claim their destiny and take action.

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