Sunday, September 21, 2014

Terry Leary & Nancy Bergman: 1st Lives – Global Relief Worker & International Flight Attendant, The World; 2nd Lives – Hotel Owners, Nicaragua

What are these sisters so happy about?

Actually Terry Leary and Nancy Bergman, sisters by the way, have first lives that aren’t easily summed up in a single headline.   They both started their careers in the Peace Corps.  Terry continued in that same tract moving on to manage relief and development projects all over the world, including Afghanistan.  Nancy was successful in many jobs, in particular real estate.  It was her 16 years with United Airlines and her “flying benefits” that opened up the world on an even larger scale for her.   

But it took only a few days on vacation in Nicaragua in 2001 to fall in love with the people and the quaint town of Granada and buy an old historic family mansion.  The sisters began renovation immediately on what is now Casa San Francisco, a unique boutique hotel and restaurant decorated with the treasures Terry and Nancy have collected from around the world.  It’s named for the home away from home they feel they have created for their guests and for city they grew up in.  The sisters are two of many second lifers choosing to live and continue to work abroad.  And they love sharing that experience and their new mantra:  Mi casa es su casa.

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