Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nancy Irwin: 1st Life – Entertainer, 2nd Life - Psychologist

How can good mental health and humor work together?

Dr. Nancy Irwin liked her night job as a standup comedian but was bored during the day.  That’s how she would up volunteering at a community shelter for sexually abused teens and that’s how her life changed forever.   Nancy was able to empathize with these young adults and help them in their healing process.  She already had a BA and MA in operatic music no less but was ready to take another detour and got her doctorate in psychology.  

Nancy on air with Anderson Cooper
Nancy now runs a full time professional practice except when she’s contributing her expertise on TV and radio.  She couldn’t be more content with her second life and in fact has written a book on the subject,
You-Turn: Changing Direction in Midlife.  Does Nancy ever miss her first life?  Actually healing, humor and hitting the high notes work well together.                                     


  1. Sounds like an interesting book.

  2. I absolutely agree that humor and mental health can go together, in fact, for those of us in the career of supporting those with mental health issues it's essential. I'm a School Psychologist/Administrator for students with mental health issues by day and a Lifestyle Blogger/Travel Blogger at Stylemindchic Lifestyle by night. I definitely understand the need to find the balance in life and to work towards having that fulfilling, creative side of life (the second life) become full time. I can't wait!! Great post and the book sounds fabulous!
    Best, Heather Lindstrom at Stylemindchic Lifestyle