Monday, July 27, 2015

Libby and Jim Mijanovich: 1st Life – Scientists & Parenthood, 2nd Life - Textile Artists & Family Business

They prove you can have professions in both Arts and Sciences.

 Libby and Jim Mijanovich were both successful healthcare professionals, he as a pathologist and she as a computer scientist.  But their creative impulses and desire to escape the daily grind of their careers mobilized them to reverse their direction.  Encouragement from friends in the crafts field coupled with their enthusiasm for environmental responsibility led Libby and Jim to their art, which is made from recycled clothing.  

Untrained as artists, they work together to buy up vintage clothing and fabrics, cut up the materials, arrange them in patterns creating swirls of color, sew the pieces together and finally stretch the finished artwork on a frame. If you are thinking quilting, think again. The resulting creation looks more like a painting, or a photo or stained glass! Take a look for yourself at Mija, their business website. Libby and Jim are recognized in the arts and crafts world and have won awards for their unique approach. Being creative plus reusing resources plus involving family equals an interesting patchwork of a truly happy and satisfying second life!

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