Monday, July 20, 2015

This week Fashion Flash has got your number(s): 100-men survey on love and sex, 10 top picks from Nordstrom's July sale, 7 weird hair tricks, 6 different types of facials, 5 steps to health and beauty, another 5 fab workouts, 2 exciting adventures in central Turkey, another 2 skin care products for summer and beyond, 1 to 2 inch heeled sandals, 1 vegan Caesar salad recipe and a 1/2 tee that is perfect for everyone!

Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50 and AARP YouTube Host, wants you to know about these FIVE SIMPLE STEPS TO HEALTH & BEAUTY . . . no matter what your age! 

Prime Beauty tell us her Top 10 Picks from the notorious Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Fall fashion, beauty exclusives and shoes, oh My!

Sandals with a small heel are better for your feet and more comfortable. They are on trend, versatile and look good with dresses and trousers.

Inka of marvels at the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia/Turkey and hearly gets a heart attck visiting an underground city.

Society Wellness gives us a simple recipe for a vegan caesar dressing. It is perfect for creating a vegan mustard greens or kale caesar salad, but pairs well with any of your favorite leafy greens.

Which is better for your skin-- facials or lasers?  Deb of No-Nononsense Beauty Blog looks for the answer.

If you want to be happy in love you need to understand men. This amazing survey is a great start.

Jackie Silver from asks, “Could this weird trick help you get through summer’s bad hair days?”

The Half Tee is a perfect item for plus size women who want to layer but do not want the bulk. 

Here are 5 Fab workouts by Mirabai Holland Certified Health Coach & Exercise Physiologist.

Pamela Lutrell of over50feeling40 introduces us to a new skincare line for those who have special needs and she loves it! 

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