Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Elizabeth Warren: 1st Life - Educator, 2nd Life - U.S. Senator

Senator Warren has something to say especially to all us Second Lifers.

Senator Elizabeth Warren didn't start out wanting to be in politics.  She started out as the youngest from a struggling family in Oklahoma who began waiting tables at the age of 13.  But she excelled in the art of debate and that won her a scholarship to George Washington University.  Senator Warren married before finishing her degree and moved to Texas where she eventually graduated with a BA in speech pathology at the University of Houston.  After another move to New Jersey, working in the public schools and having two children, she earned her law degree from Rutgers University and began practicing law from her home.

That's when Senator Warren first became sensitized to the economic woes of the middle class.  But soon after she divorced, remarried, moved several times again and taught at a number of different universities winding up at Harvard in 1995.  That's when Warren was called on to advise or lead a number government initiatives on finance winding up as a special assistant to President Obama in 2011.  She was finally smitten with politics and began her run for the Massachusetts Senate that same year.

We all pretty much know Senator Warren's history after that.  Her success on several committees is widespread and she has made a name for herself speaking out on banking, education and the environment.  Warren didn't know she would end up becoming a U. S. Senator; she didn't know, as she puts it, "how a lot of the pieces were going to work, but I figured it out"....     

At an open house in Springfield, MA.

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