Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Emily Conyngham: 1st Life - Storyteller, Austin; 2nd Life - Storyteller, SW France

So what's her story?  

Emily Conyngham will tell you she's a storyteller first, and then a photographer and writer.  She likes to hear what you have to say - whether you're a single person or a large corporation - and then she'll lay out what communication style and medium are best for you.  Emily still does that but in her second life she focuses more on telling the stories of her 2nd home in France, where she is currently producing a book on the region.  She moved there last year after fully examining what she wanted and taking many, many tiny steps to get there.  She's now got a move like hers down to four basic steps which she has shared on Huffington Post.
Emily's photo

But the most significant role that Emily plays is that of mother.  Her son and daughter are her proudest accomplishments and it's poignant as we prepare to celebrate Mother's Day that we read her thank you to them for help making Emily all she is today.

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