Saturday, August 20, 2016

Lynne & Tim Martins: 1st Life - Housebound, 2nd Life - Home Free

Footloose and Home Free

There was a time when retirement meant buying an RV and driving across the country?  Or selling the family house and moving to Florida?  Now we don't/can't fully retire and are reinventing our next moves.  Like Lynne and Tim Martins who indeed sold their home five years ago but instead purchased lots of airplane tickets and apartment rentals in at least ten cities since then.  They've lived a few months in each of those cities and continue to explore the next places they can call home.

It all started as they were getting ready to return from a Mexican vacation.  Why fly home they asked?  With so many places to see, their children on their own and Lynne's business as a serial entrepreneur and publicist winding down or becoming mobile and Tim's as well, why not sell the house and reduce their worldly possessions to a suitcase and a laptop each?  And so they did.  And you can too.  Here's how:  Lynne's book, Home Sweet Anywhere and their website, Home Free Adventures.   Or pick up some tips from their CBS interview:      

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  1. Love this! I want to live like this. But first I want to find someone who wants to do it with me! LOL