Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jill Kerttula: 1st Life - Corporate Graphic Designer, 2nd Life - Solo Fiber Artist

An Enlightened 2ndLifer Sewing Solo

Jill Kerttula, like so many of us, had a fulfilling corporate career, she as a graphic designer.  And like to many of us she was laid off in her 50's  and unable to find employment.  Jill luckily had a hobby - fiber art - and so she decided to turn that into a business.  She also had a green streak and so started out by reclaiming and repurposing slightly worn sweaters she salvaged from second-hand stores.  They sold well on her Etsy store.  

That closeness to nature and commitment to the environment are the inspiration behind Jill's fiber art pieces that she currently exhibits at art shows throughout the country and on her website.  Jill is a classic example of taking a hobby and becoming a solo- entrepreneur.  

She offers advice to others who want to take charge of their careers:
  • Take personal inventory. Match what you can do with what you want to do.
  • Get in sync. Combine your lifestyle with your workstyle.
  • Be exceedingly realistic. If you build it, they will not always come.
  • Capitalize on your prior experience. Kerttula had overseen photo shoots in her advertising work, so she knew what constituted a good picture. Now she handles all the photography for her Web shops and her craft show pamphlets. A perfect fit.

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