Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Kurtiks: 1st Life - Professionals & Childless, 2nd Life - Retired & Foster Parents

Grandparents or Parents?

Susan and Dick Kurtik had always thought about having children of their own, but careers and short-lived first marriages got in the way.  But who thinks of taking on parenting later in life when your peers are going through empty nesting and planning travel to far off places?  Well, apparently a lot of second lifers do.  As Susan attests when you retire from your primary profession, you now have the real time and attention to give that children need.  Foster Care is always an option for those who feel they can't commit to full adoption.  For the Kurtiks the motivation is these innocent children who have no one to love them.  And that they can now are give away freely.


  1. Dick Kurtik was my chemistry teacher at Moorpark College back in the 70s. Great guy then and now! He even came to my wedding! So good to see he’s doing well. —Lynda Toner