Sunday, April 30, 2017

Beth Chamberlin: 1st Life - Daytime TV Star, 2nd Life - All-Star Fitness Trainer

Woman Power

 The journey to a second life isn't always filled with bells and whistles  Not the case for Beth Chamberlin though where it was kettlebells to be exact that got her moving along that roadway.

After 14 years of playing a major role in the longest running TV soap Guiding Light, Beth found herself without a day job.  But along the way she had developed a passion for not just working out but working with kettlebells.  It was the first time that she actually enjoyed exercising and saw real results.  

Now Beth owns her own health studio and produces videos focused on strength-training and cardiovascular conditioning.   Yes, she reminisces about her exciting days as an actor and is thankful for the devoted audiences she had all those years.  But when Beth sees how her programs increase her student's' self esteem and well being, well, it's having that kind of impact on an individual's life that is the most satisfying.